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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS on June 27


Ever since BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS was first announced, many ex-BlackBerry users have been eager to get their hands on the application, but the only release information given was that of a mention as a summer arrival.

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The BlackBerry Messenger applications for iOS and Android are slated for release on June 27 according to a tweet by T-Mobile UK, which was promptly deleted afterwards. Apparently the application will be hitting the platforms globally, but sadly it will only feature basic features such as exchanging messages, but calls and screen sharing will be kept as a BlackBerry exclusive for now.

BlackBerry has also stated that some Android OEMs will be pre-installing BBM on new devices.

BlackBerry Z10 getting price cuts in Europe

Just over a month after the BlackBerry Z10 launched, it has already started to receive price cuts, hinting that the device might not be doing as well as previously thought.

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Despite what BlackBerry has revealed regarding strong sales, the BlackBerry Z10 seems to be getting price cuts from various carriers across Europe which is thought to be a move to increase low sales. UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse has reduced their monthly fee from 36 euros per month to 29 euros per month with a 29 euro up-front cost which is a cut of about 160 euros. Vodafone has lowered their pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 to about 33 euros per month, which is a cut of about 72 euro in total. The BlackBerry Z10 will go on sale in the US later this month and the high pricetag has been scrutinized by critics.

First BlackBerry 10 update brings along welcomed improvements

Just a month after announcing the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry has already pushed an update for the device which brings along some much welcomed changes.

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The first update to BlackBerry 10 has brought along several welcomed changes including performance boosts, battery life increases and better camera quality. The official BlackBerry Blog highlighted the following five changes in the new version of BlackBerry 10:

  • 3rd Party App Performance - We’ve improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth for you. With this update, you might want to keep an eye out for some fresh new app launches in March, like WhatsApp.
  • Phone, Calendar, and Contacts - Among the top improvements and features are fixes for Gmail calendars on BlackBerry 10. You’ll also find improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log and how conversations are handled. We’ve also made general improvements to importing contacts from online sources.
  • Camera - We’ve optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations. You’ll love the difference this makes for photos where you don’t use a flash – like the Time Shift Camera feature.
  • Browser and Media - With more and more of you using the gorgeous screen on the BlackBerry Z10 to consume online videos and media, we’ve made a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback to provide a fantastic experience.
  • Battery Life - The software team has included a number of battery life optimizations with over 60 battery saving improvements since launch to keep you moving. These combined improvements are designed so that you see improvements in battery life and heavy users especially should see a longer average usage per charge cycle.


WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 coming in March

After publicly stating that they had no plans for a BlackBerry 10 client, BlackBerry managed to convince WhatsApp otherwise, even promoting it at the BlackBerry 10 launch, but many early adopters complained of the lack of a BlackBerry 10 client.

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In a conversation on Twitter, which included BlackBerry’s Vice President of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, Neeraj Arora of WhatsApp has spilled some information of the upcoming iteration of WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10. According to Arora WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 will become available to users sometime in March and it won’t be a port, instead it will be a native BlackBerry 10 application.

BlackBerry devices not as secure after all, TIFF vulnerability exposed

Over the years BlackBerry has become synonymous with security, but today it released a high security warning regarding a potential exploitation.

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BlackBerry described the exploit as  follows: “Vulnerabilities exist in how the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service and the BlackBerry Messaging Agent process TIFF images for rendering on the BlackBerry smartphone.” Basically, hackers could infect a TIFF file with malware and then trick a user into opening it via a website, email or an embedded message, allowing them access into the company’s Enterprise Server. BlackBerry has urged users to update all of their BES software to avoid any infections.