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Meet the first ever Nokia tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520


The upcoming Nokia Lumia 2520 has leaked showing the most detailed image of the company’s upcoming tablet offering, their entry into the tablet market, or exit if you consider their sale to Microsoft.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 has leaked in the Cyan colour option thanks to EVLeaks and strangely enough doesn’t feature the company’s branding, at least on the front. The Lumia 2520 is the company’s very first tablet, and most likely their last if the sale to Microsoft is approved, meaning the end to Nokia mobile products. The Lumia 2520 is said to feature a 10.1-inch 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, a 8MP PureView camera and a polycarbonate plastic body and run on Microsoft’s sad excuse of a Windows RT, even if it is the new Windows RT 8.1 variant which features some enhancements.

What do you think? Is the Lumia 2520 worth the Nokia name or will it be forgotten faster than Notion Ink and their Adam tablet?

iPad 5 will almost certainly feature a TouchID

touchid ipad 5

Yes, we are all curious to see just how much the upcoming iPad 5 will have changed from its predecessors. By now we already know it will resemble a larger iPad Mini and come with an Apple A7 SoC, but what about the TouchID sensor unveiled on the iPhone 5s?

It seems as thought the iPad 5 will almost certainly pack a TouchID sensor on its front after Unbox Therapy got their hands on a front panel for the iPad 5 that curiously doesn’t seem to fit the current home buttons we’ve grown familiar to on the previous iPads. After comparing it to the TouchID on the iPhone 5S, they concluded that the iPad 5′s front will most definitely host a TouchID fingerprint sensor, making the flagship tablet even better than we were hoping for.

The iPad 5 will also see the introduction of a Space Gray variant, the first iPad ever to feature a rear panel that wasn’t made of the usual silver metal housing!

Google investigating multiple reports of GPS failure in new Nexus 7 devices


Reports from across the internet are coming in of the new Google Nexus 7 experiencing sudden GPS failure, which has been quite the bother to plenty of users who have voiced their concerns on XDA Developers’ forums, Android Police as well as Google’s own forums.

Google has apparently appointed the Android engineering team to investigate what the exact culprit behind the problems are. Quite a lot of users of the new Nexus 7 are reporting that their GPS signal only picks up for several minutes to half an hour before disappearing completely, not to be seen again. The problem may be a hardware fault, or more than likely a software fault, which could easily be fixed by a simple software update. The company has not made an in depth statement on the matter, but it could get embarrassing if the problem is not addressed before the new Google Nexus 7 goes on sale in more markets, which is happening over the next few weeks.

So Android users, what were you saying about Apple Maps again?

Nvidia Tegra Tab leaked, could be the company’s very own Tegra 4-powered tablet


Ever since Nvidia’s Shield portable Android console first launched, there have been quite a lot of rumours saying that Nvidia was getting ready to launch a tablet of their own very soon, especially since there has been quite a drop in companies making use of their Tegra processors.

The rumours may very well be spot on if a recent set of leaked images are to considered the real deal. The images, leaked by GSM Insider, shows off the rear of what seems to be a 7-inch tablet with Nvidia branding, the branding calls the tablet the Nvidia Tegra Tab which is likely to feature the company’s latest Tegra 4 chip if real. Some accompanying information also noted that the Tegra Tab will feature an HDMI port, USB port, a 5MP camera and quite possibly a stylus too. Due to the lack of information on the matter, it remains to be seen whether or not the Tegra Tab is the real deal or not.

It is indeed quite possible that this Nvidia Tegra Tab is the real deal, but instead of being a commercial offering it could be a reference model for manufacturers and developers to try out the latest hardware on.

Apple iPad 5 allegedly shows off its front and rear alongside current generations in new video

The Apple iPad 5 has been quite quiet as of late, with most rumours stalling, but then again what is there really left to leak? Macotakara apparently go their hands on the front bezel as well as the rear shell of the upcoming iPad 5 and showed it off alongside the iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

The Apple iPad 5 was originally rumoured to hit the world in June during Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, but instead it was a no show, leading many to believe that the delayed rollout of Apple iOS 7 was the culprit. The new date set for the launch in rumourland is somewhere in September and the Apple iPad 5 will allegedly launch alongside the Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina and quite possibly the rumoured Apple iPhone Mini (or iPhone 5C if that floats your boat). The iPad 5 seemingly lends its design from the smaller Apple iPad Mini with narrower bezels and a complete redesign of the iPad’s rear shell.

The iPad 5 is rumoured to be speedier, slimmer, lighter and more compact than any of the larger iPads that has ever come before it. Are you excited to see what Apple’s up to this year?